Church Update

It's been a while since I've posted anything substantial, besides my QT notes. I've been basking in the new car glow. I seem to be a pretty popular guy with new wheels. Went to lunch with co-workers the other day and they were fighting for a change to ride in it, even running across the parking lot to secure their spot. LOL.

I've also been spending my online time at a couple of Mazda Forums, and, reading up on popular modifications and known issues. I'm looking at tinted windows and clear paint protection film for the nose as well as mods to keep the AC from kicking on when the heat or defrost is selected and to allow the use of the fog lights with the parking lights. I likely won't do any of them, but it's car-geek fun to read up on it and learn.

Anyway, in the mean time things at church have been going great, on a lot of fronts. I've already mentioned the baptisms that we've had this year, and I'll have more on that later. Here's an update on some things:

In our leaders meetings we've begun a series of training classes for our house church leaders based on a book by John Louis in the Singapore Christian Church. The Cinci church did a similar class from the same book with positive results. It feels good to have some focused teaching & training for our house church leaders.

Our leadship group of the four deacons and the minister has grown a lot over the past months. There's a level of trust, respet and unity that I thought would take longer to achieve. My lack of faith, I guess. Our relationships are closer and our commitment to cooperation in leading the church is solid. I have a lot of respect for theses men, more and more each day, and I fell the sae from them. We each bring something unique to the table and it's very good. I'm also reminded of a desire I expressed (in writing somewhere, I thought, but I couldn't find it) a year or so ago to get closer to our minister. Our relationship was strained, and my trust in him was not where I wanted it to be. I had forgotten that desire until I recognized God at work in our friendship, even more so in my heart.

One of the most encouraging thing is that we all see the need in the church for deeper relationships and strengthening our small groups. We are unified in our commitment to strengthen these groups. That's why we are doing the family group leaders training. We're also committed to seeing it through. What I mean is that this will not be, as so many of our activities in the past, a short term project. Nor do we intend to let ourselves become distracted by some new project or idea. We're committed to taking it slowly and seeing it through, as long as that takes.

To that end, we've changed our midweek and Bible talk schedules. We will meet as house churches 3 Wednesdays a month to encourage building 'family' in those groups and provide opportunity for that to happen. These will also take the place of our other Bible Talks, placing all of our small group emphasis in these house churches and the relationships in them. We will bring our friends on Wendesday, as we have opportunity. The primary objective is not to evangelize, but to worship God and Love each other.

All in all, not glamorous "Hey look at us" kind of changes. No one will be fighting for this story to write up. But it's mighty encouraging to me because it's a solid foundation that we can build upon. We are changing who we are in some ways, while remaining true to our past in others. It's a good thing.

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