New Host

Well, I've finally chosen a new host. Actually had them picked out for a week or two. I've been dragging my feet because this is likely to be a big pain. I'm going to have to re-install MT and all my plugins, upload the other files (images and stuff) and then upload the MySQL database. If my current host used cPanel, this would be much much easier. But they do not.

Thanks for all the suggestions a while back, I looked at both and Pair is actually a MT Hosting Partner, but they were also pricey. The most comparable plan to what I've got now, in terms of disk space, bandwidth and functionality was over $21 per month and that did not include the $6.95 per month MT add on. Too much. Ixwebhosting was a bargain, but I was not convinced that they knew MT at all, let alone enough to help me if I had issues.

So I've decided on Total Choice Hosting. I'm getting unlimited email accounts, MySQL databases and FTP logins, 850 MB of disk space (I've got 500 now), 20 GB monthly data transfer[UPDATE: I haven't even posted this yet and I find out that they are about to upgrade the bandwidth and disk space on all plans. Cool.] and 2 domains registered for less than $6.50 per month. They've got MT instalation instructions on their site as well as an active Family Forums with plenty of TCH representatives who quickly respond to questions. They've also got a good reputation at the MT support forums, which is where I learned of them.

I'm not going to get into the thick of the changeover until next week, although I may do the actual sign up sooner. I've also decided to purchase a new domain,, since it seems spelling Douglas backward isn't as easy as I had thought it would be. Friend of mis-spellers and bad typists alike.

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