On Father's Day I had the entire day to myself, Maria and the girls were at a bridal shower in Toledo for the day. I did have to sub for maria with the 4-5 year olds and the lead teacher was also family-less, so we decided to see a movie in the afternoon. We went and saw Cars. I've already read three other bloggers rave about it, so I decided going in that I would not. But the thing is so good, I can't help myself.

Boy, what a wholesome, laugh out loud, feel good, bunch of moral, gear-head, goodness that movie is. I cannot say how much I enjoyed it. As a car nut, I've been looking forward to this since the first previews. I couldn't believe they were making an animated car movie, how cool will that be? The fact that it is such a good story is just amazing. I spent $8.50 on that thing and don't regret a dime of it.

Oh, and BEG, there's some cool animated tractors and the Devil's own combine that I think you will just love.

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