National Weather Service

If you haven't checked out the National Weather Service's web page, you should. It's got some of the expected government quirkiness, but mostly it's just real useful. Just go enter your zip code or city and state in the box at the top left of their main page and get complete forecast for your city.

On that page, you can tweak the forecast by clicking your exact location on the map shown. I learned that it's going to be 2 degrees warmer at work tomorrow than at home.

The jewel of the site is the radar imagery. Click the small radar image on the forecast page and get taken to the radar page which is chock full of nifty features:

  • Navigate to adjacent radars with the arrows at the upper left
  • Links for two types of radar, wind velocity, rainfall totals, long range as well as looped maps on the left.
  • The map itself has toggle controls for topography, radar, counties, rivers, highways, cities and warnings.
  • Under the map there's a 'Reset' button that allows you to set a 'zero' position by clicking the map. Then, rolling the mouse over the map gives you the distance from that zero point so you can tell how far away that nasty looking cell is.
  • In loop mode, you can set the animation speed, zoom in and out and even set it to automatically update as new images become available. No need to refresh.
It's very cool, go check it out.

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