Unity Proposal Stuff

Back in September the UP folk announced their work was done and it's on to the next step for the UP. (Yeah, I'm late on this, it's been in draft on my blog for around a month. Sorry.) If you care about that, go read Alan's or Pinakidion's posts, they state my reaction better that I could have. Of course, if you read this blog and care about the UP, you probably read their blogs too and already saw their comments back in September. Did I mention I was a little late?

Since then, the first delegate meetings have happened, a new gang of nine has been chosen and yada yada yada. For now I'm content for them to do ther thing as long as we can do ours here in Columbus without distraction. So far, so good.

Anyway, none of that is not the real reason for this post, I just wanted to throw it out there so the following wasn't completely self serving. :-) Just for giggles, go to Google and search for "Unity Proposal". The actual UP is link #1, but this little ol' blog is #2. Why? Well, other than my need to write about it at every oppportunity (like this one), who knows. Certainly others have written as much and better stuff, but for some reason, one of my posts has made it to the #2 spot on Google.

So, for all you ariving here from The Google looking for Unity Proposal stuff, I give you linkage to all my UP blatherings. Try to contain yourself.

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