Soupablog: Moleskine Sketches

Paul Soupiset is doing a series of Moleskine sketches for Lent. If you've never taken a look at his sketches (he's been doing them for longer than just Lent), you should go here and take a look.

He explains the purpose behind the Lent series:

one might think that lenten art ought to be rendered in greys, perhaps using rustic vine charcoal or comprising still life tableaux. you'd hardly expect whimsy. that isn't appropriate. nor humor. nor vivid color. nor visual puns. this is all wrong. entonces...

the moleskine ('mol-a-skeen'-a' -- but in conversation, simply 'mole-skin') sketches are primarily a means for me to slow down and be still every day during the 40 days of lent. it's an imposed discipline wherein i must sit still long enough to breathe, consider the blank page before me, and pour myself onto the page with intentionality. yes, to express myself, and then to share with God, with you, whatever. the color makes each session last a little longer -- the painting must dry before i scan it, for example. ...

so anyway, my intention is to continue creating at least a sketch every day of lent, to reflect on the way of Jesus, listen to God, and by means of frail and fumbling prophetic imagination, to "create... an alternative to the current system" [Bruggeman].

I'm not exactly sure what he means by all of that, but the sketches are way cool. I do understand the need to stop, slow down and meditate.

I admire folks that can sketch like this. Paul's a Graphic Designer by day, so it's natural that he should be able to do this. (Don't tell Paul I have an Industrial Design degree. I certainly never had that kind of sketching ability.)

Cool stuff, go check it out.

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