Good News and Another Request

Elani, always Dancing Bear to me, came through her surgery fine and is doing well. Dad is even feeling better too. Thanks to all who prayed.

If I could indulge you a bit more, please pray for a young man in our church named Matt who's in the hospital with pneumonia. He and his girlfriend were baptized last year and were engaged recently. He's a leukemia survivor and also has a immune disorder where, if I understand right, his body goes overboard fighting disease. It ironically seems to have helped his fight with leukemia, but is hurting his ability to fight off this pneumonia.

If you're willing, please pray for Matt, this young convert with a beautiful fiance waiting for him to come out of the hospital. Pray for the doctors caring for him to have wisdom and insight as well for his healing.

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I wanted to give an update for those who are praying for Mat (One 'T', I had that wrong before.) First, thank you to those across the country praying for him. It's been encouraging, as was this news from Mat,... Read More


Please let them know that there are Christians in Kentucky praying for them...

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