Ezekiel - Chapter 25

Thanks to Pinakidion and my friend Bill for the reminder to get back to Ezekiel. :-D

Ezekiel 25:1-7 - It wasn't just Israel and Judah that he was to prophesy against. It seemed a little surprising that God would hold another nation to account for mocking His temple. At first I was thinking it spoke of God's passion for His own house, and I guess it does. But I've learned the Ammonites were not just neighbors across the Jordon, but close relative of Israel, being descendants of Lot. So they should have know of the Lord and had some respect for Him, and they did not. So Go is calling them to account.

I guess one lesson to be learned is to be careful in rejoicing when another tribe gets disciplined.

Ezekiel 25:8-17 - More rebukes for other nations. Three of them, Moab, Seir and Edom, like Ammon, are distant relatives of Israel. One, Philistia, has no relation other than proximity to Israel.

Over and over in this, the statement is made that because of their being disciplined, they will know that God is Lord. It's interesting to think about. Now, thousand of years later, do the people of Israel and the descendants of those nations know that God is Lord? Perhaps this understanding was only meant for that generation. What about us, though? Do we read about this with separation and fail to get that God is Lord, He can an has stuck nations down for failing to honor Him.

Earlier in Ezekiel, God implied that this discipline of an entire nation was something that would not happen again. Perhaps I'm reading into the text there, however, I wonder if we haven't missed the lesson of Bible history. That God is the Lord and He will call us to account for our actions toward Him.

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