Ezekiel -Chapter 29-31

Ezekiel 29:6 - Again - after I have rebuked you and disciplined you then you will know that I am Lord. It's a constant theme.

Ezekiel 29:13-14 - It sounds much like the promises made to Israel. Gathering from being scattered, restoration of their kingdom. That is, until you read verse 15:

It shall be the most lowly of the kingdoms, and never again exalt itself above the nations. And I will make them so small that they will never again rule over the nations.

Ezekiel 30 - It's interesting that for all the nations around Israel, not necessarily enemies (maybe they were, I don't know), but not friends either, God laments their destruction too.

Ezekiel 30:20 - God placed His sword in the hands of the King of Babylon. I'm not sure I'd want to take that responsibility, to wield God's sword.

Ezekiel 31:8-9 - God here compares Pharaoh to a cedar and says that no tree in His garden was comparable, or it's equal. Interesting, what does that mean? Perhaps it's simply a commentary on his stature relative to the kings of Israel, meaning he held more power and influence. Not a commentary on his importance to God, but on his stature in the world.

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