Not All Email Forwards Are Evil

Monday I get the following email from a co-worker:

Hi everyone! Do you know this person????? I found his camera at the Ohio State / Youngstown State game and am trying to return it to him...

Please send along to anyone who might know other OSU fans !! Not only is this a good deed but it is a social experiment to see if we really are all connected! If you know him please tell him to contact me via email at [email address].

Please help!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!! Michelle Montgomery.

The picture above was attached to the email. By the time it had reached me, it had been forwarded at least 4 times, to dozens of recipients. It seemed legit, so I was going to post about it here at some point.

It turns out it was too late anyway. According to the Columbus Dispatch today:

John's lost camera was picked up by a Clintonville woman, Michelle Montgomery, and her husband on their way to the game. Not confident that the university's lost-and-found service would be able to locate the rightful owner, Montgomery decided to try a social experiment by searching for him using the Internet.


Montgomery, 32, who works for a Columbus human-resources consulting firm, uploaded a picture showing the man she assumed to be the camera owner, a young boy and Brutus Buckeye. She attached it to an e-mail and sent it to 14 friends.


Less than 48 hours later, Montgomery was talking with John, who learned from two unrelated e-mail sources that someone in Columbus had found his camera.

I love the fact that she didn't trust the lost and found department, so she decided to find him herself. I don't think I would have thought of that.

Just a few yeas ago, the camera would have had film in it and the pictures could not have been accessed. Even if the film had been developed, there would have been no way that one individual could possibly find an unnamed stranger. It would likely end up in a lost and found bin, gathering dust.


Neat...even for a buckeye fan!

Social media is really powerful indeed. I think tools like Facebook and Twitter have been really helpful with situations like this one.

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