Flaming Kamikaze Squirrel Torches Car

That's the actual headline from an article in The Register (via Jalopnik) that gives us this quote:

Tony Millar explained: "The squirrel chewed through the wire, was set on fire, fell down directly to where the car was. The squirrel, on fire, slid into the engine compartment and blew up the car."

I'm not sure who was having a worse day, the owner of the torched Camry or the squirrel. The Camry was insured, so I guess the squirrel. And the Camry owner survived.


If the wires would have fallen down and torched the car it would be covered but since it was a squirrel that did it..no coverage! I'm kidding, I don't really know but it's crazy how the insurance companies come up with ways not to pay so you never do know.

I read a story yesterday that is kind of animal related and kind of funny. Scientists found the oldest living creature and killed it. I read the satire in a local newspaper.

people find odd ways to cook squirrel

Some days you're the squirrel, some days you're the Camry.


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