If You're in the Area ...

Our church is doing a short play (that my daughter and I are participating in), written by our minister for our service this Sunday called Securing the Season. It's a neat little story about how a lone little security guard made a difference for the folks he's supposed to leave alone - the shoppers in the department store where he works.

The cool thing is that we aren't just doing this for ourselves. We performed it for a nursing home last light and we'll be doing it at Children's Hospital tonight. We hope that this will be a springboard to a real arts ministry where those with talents can use them to bring hope and to honor God.

We'll be at Grandview High School at 4 PM this Sunday if you're in Columbus and care to drop by. We'll be singing some songs and taking communion too. Directions and details on our church's website. Make sure you say hi if you come.

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