Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. As Jared reminds, Good Friday. We mark this day with God nailed to a tree as good.

2000 years ago, the disciples following Him did not see good in this day. They had come to Jerusalem with great expectation, I suspect. Jesus had in some respects built this up, waiting to go to Jerusalem until it was the right time and setting out resolutely when it was. They had the passover meal in the upper room and there was something profound in the air. He had told them to make sure they had swords. They entered the garden that night and they could see in Jesus the anguish, the stress. His prayers were more urgent and desperate than they had seen, yet he emerged as determined as ever.

Then there were the soldiers. It's on! They accuse Jesus, pointing and ...

He gives no fight. He simply goes with them. He even rebukes Peter for using the sword He told them to have! Here was the one who was to be their savior. He opened eyes, mouths and ears. He had silenced the leaders. Here was the one who banished a legion of demons to a herd of pigs, simply walking away with the enemy, giving no fight to a mere handful of Roman soldiers.

Then the beatings. The mock trial. The accusations. The death sentence. And through it all, Jesus gave no fight. None.

Then the cross, and they watched their savior die at the hand of those he was to save them from. Perhaps they awaited some last minute miracle, but none was coming. He just allowed them to hoist him up, and then he died. Why?

It had to rock their world. All they had been preparing for, the victory was guaranteed had slipped through their fingers. What had they been doing, what had they been thinking, abandoning their secure lives to follow a carpenter. Had it really all been for nothing?

This Friday, was anything but Good.

They didn't realize that in surrender, Christ was securing victory, In death he would achieve life for all. The only way to victory was through defeat. They didn't get it, though He had explained it to them over and over. They would be lost for these next 3 days, and He knew it. But that was OK, because He knew that they would understand ...

... come Sunday.

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