Nehemiah 6 - The Wall is Finished

Nehemiah 6:2 - How did he know it was a trap? Did he have inside info or was it just a hunch or intuition?

Nehemiah 6:5-9 - Nehemiah shows a cool, level head in the face of lies and provocations. I'm not sure that I would have been able to keep my cool and stay focused on the job at hand. My nature is to try to smooth over every disagreement and eliminate all confrontation. Nehemiah's example of ignoring their threats and calls to dialog and staying focused on his plan is needed.

Nehemiah 6:13 - His enemies simply wanted him to be afraid and in his fear be distracted from the work, to run and hide and then, not only would the work be hindered but he would be discredited. Fear for our lives can , or our image more likely for us today, can quickly put a halt on anythign God has planned for us to do for His sake. I wonder how much good has not been done because of fear? How is fear stopping me today? Father, strengthen my hands and my resolve.

Nehemiah 6:14 - Rather than pursuing his own revenge, he simply asked God to remember what these enemies of his had done, and left it at that.

Nehemiah 6:15 - Because of Nehemiah's determination and perseverance, they completed the rebuilding of the wall in less than 2 months.

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