Swagger Wagon

I'm an unabashed fan of the minivan. If you need to haul a significant number of people or a significant amount of stuff or both on a regular basis, there is no better vehicle. I'd bet that my Odyssey minivan does more things well than whatever else your driving.

I'm a Honda guy, but the new Toyota Sienna looks like a very nice van. Regardless, this rap video for the Sienna is just plain awesome.

(Ironically, our next vehicle will likely not be a minivan because we want better towing for a possible camper upgrade in a couple of years. We'll likely end up with a Chevy Traverse crossover, sacrificing some interior space and an MPG or two for 1,700 lbs of towing capacity. Most folks would be glad to get out of the minivan, but I'll miss our Swagger Wagon.)

HT: Byrne at Majodojo

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