2 Corinthians 4 - Speak Up

2 Corinthians 4:7-10 - Ever wonder why God would create us so flawed, so prone to sin and open to temptation. The answer to that is not simple in the least, nor is it trivial. I would not claim to know it period, let alone explain it in a few short sentences written quickly over my lunch break.

However, here in verse seven, Paul gives us a tiny glimpse into part of the reason why. The treasure of the gospel is given to us, flawed men, "jars of clay", to show that it is truly God's and not ours. If God only ave the gospel to perfect men or even great men, or if he visibly perfected them upon receiving it, then those who see it might falsely attribute it's greatness or power to the men rather than God. Worse, those men might assume that the gospel's power was theirs rather than God's.

But when we see the power of the gospel at work in men who sometimes can't even tie their own shoes, if you will, then we can't help but praise God.

2 Corinthians 4:13 - I believe, but do I speak, as Paul says here? Not nearly often enough. How many opportunities pass by without a mention of my faith. I'm not talking about those 'golden opportunities', where it's clear that someone is searching and we are there to help direct them to God. No, the simple times, the waitress, the cashier, the guy at the opposite gas pump. Times that we could start a conversation or simply mention Jesus in the course of a conversation.

This week a woman was baptized at our midweek service. It's an amazing story, as every conversion is. She was invited to church as a bank teller while a member was opening a new account (that man met Jesus because he was getting gas next to believer). Because of that invitation, her and her boyfriend came to know Jesus. Nice, eh? But just before her baptism she said, with tears, "Never be afraid to share about your faith, because ... I needed it so much."

That has stuck with me this week, and I hope it does for a long time. I hope it changes me, frankly. The people around us need it so much. Many don't care, but some do. So, I believe, why don't I speak?

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