Joshua 20-21 - Cities of Refuge, Levites' Land

Joshua 20:1-6 - I like the Cities of Refuge idea. A place where the one who is guilty, but not malicious, may flee. There he can find refuge (and the city elders must accept him) until his case is heard. it's a built in mechanism to separate the parties and allow things to cool down so calmer heads may prevail. it also brings others into the conflict, the elders of the City of Refuge and the judges. We should apply this concept to our own conflicts. Some times we just need to separate and bring in advisers and only revisit it after we've all cooled down.

Joshua 20:9 - These cities were provided for Israel, and for strangers passing through. The stranger was provided the same protection as the native.

Joshua 21 - As I read (OK, skimmed :-D) this chapter listing the cities and pasture land given to the Levites, it struck me how each tribe was cared for. Caleb spoke up and said Moses promised me this, and it was given to him. The Levites spoke up and said we were promised cities and ti was given to them. There is no recording of bickering or fighting nor any denial of what was promised anyone.

Joshua 21:43-45 - This passage implies that the work was done, God gave them the land and they took possession of it. No enemies withstood them, it says. All God's promises came to pass. So, was the failure to drive all the Canaanites out not really a failure? Was it not God's intention that they all be driven out? Looking back to Joshua 1, God did not command that they drive all the people out, he only that they go into the land and that he would give them every place they set their feet and that no one will be able to stand before them.

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