Hebrews 6 - Repentance and an Anchor

Hebrews 6:1-3 - A couple of things struck me here in these first 3 verses:

1 - 'Repentance from dead works' is an 'elementary doctrine'. At first, I thought of repentance as in 'stop sinning'. But, repentance isn't really that. We simply cannot stop sinning, if we could we wouldn't need Jesus. Besides, as Ed Anton pointed out in his book on Repentance, repentance is not a change of action (as I was so often taught),it's a change of heart and mind, reorienting ourselves away from self and towards God.

With that in mind, I'm thinking that 'repentance from dead works' is a shift of the mind from our human way of thinking that we work our way into acceptance or righteousness or just being a good person, to the gospel where our faith is credited to us as righteousness.. The way of 'works' is dead, we need a new living way.

2 - "And this we will do, if God permits" We can only do as much as God allows. Sometimes we need to camp on the 'elementary doctrines' for a while, and God won't allow us to move on just yet.

Hebrews 6:7-8 - This is the 'fake grace' I was eluding to in my last post. Not that works was part of the salvation process or somehow required, but that true grace produces fruit. It does not simply exist on it's own. Grace that produces nothing, or 'thorns and thistles', is 'worthless and near to being cursed'. My heart is convicted that the grace I've received is producing little more than feelings of relief and contentment. The gospel of Jesus is so much more precious and powerful than that.

Hebrews 6:13-20 - The whole oath and two things part of this passages turns my mind in knots. What I love here is the picture of God providing for "we who have fled for refuge". God, steadfast, reliable, firm in the midst of our storms (why else would we seek refuge?), is both aware of our struggle and seeks to give our battered selves 'strong encouragement'. but not only that, but this encouragement, this hope, is not simply good tidings. It is an anchor straight to the most holy place, where God lives and where man is unworthy to go. Jesus himself, though, is worthy and he went there, carrying this anchor and left it there so that we will never be disconnected from God.

Jesus went to God's house, left an anchor there and he's handed you the other end of the rope.

Think about that for a bit and see if your mind isn't blown.

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