01/06 Genesis 4-5

Genesis 4-5

4:4-5 – It's clear here that, even from the beginning, that it's the heart that matters to God, not just obedience. It's not clear what made Cain's offering unacceptable.

4:7-9 – Notice how quickly Cain abandoned God's advice about sin. Says something about his heart and his respect for God.

4:13-16 – God set Cain apart (protection), even in his punishment. Why? He certainly had every right & reason not to. What does that say about God's heart and love for His people that he not only listened to Cain's whiny & disrespectful complaint but He honored it! God went beyond the call to take care of Cain's heart.

4:16 – What does "Out of the Lord's presence" mean? They weren't in Eden (paradise with God) anymore. Were there areas where God wasn't or perhaps He was physically present near Eden and not so in other areas?

4:26b – Then they called on God's name. Is the Bible making a distinction between physically with God an simply calling on His name? Pure speculation.

5:21-24 – Enoch 'walked with God'. If the Bible is making such a distinction, it wasn't because it was impossible. Enoch stands out in this list for that. His life is much shorter that the others. Was God sparing him from the toil and suffering of this world?

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