01/07 Genesis 6-10

Genesis 6-10

6:1-2 – Sons of God, daughters of men. Why the distinction?

6:3 – God says, "Enough with you guys!"

6:5-8 – Our sin hurts God, to the point here where he's ready to throw in the towel.

6:9 – Again the distinction, Noah walked with God.

7:11-12 – I can remember a point being made about Noah's perseverance, noting it took 100 years to build the ark. It says that he was 500 when his sons were born (triplets?) and 600 when the flood came, but it doesn't mention when he started building.

7:17-23 – Can you imagine being in the ark, watching the waters rise. Were there men nearby, pounding to be let in? How hard it would be to ignore them, and face the realization of what just happened when the pounding stopped.

8:11 – 278 days under water and the tree is able to sprout a leaf?

8:20 – After what was surely a miserable year in the ark, Noah's first thought is to give thanks to God.

8:12-22 – One man's gratitude turns God's heart to make such a long enduring promise. God is moved greatly by our own faithfulness and gratitude. Surely there have been times in the world since that have reminded God of the days of Noah. Yet he hasn't broken His promise, he's let us be as evil as we want.

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