01/10 Genesis 12-14

Genesis 12-14

Well, not even a week into it and I've missed a day. I've been reading in the evenings, and last night, well, I failed to plan well I guess. Oh well, Saturday morning brings a new day, here's my notes.

12:2-3 - Such a blessing comes from an ongoing relationship. I'd love to hear more about how that relationship had developed to this point.

12:10 - Fleeing to Egypt is a common theme. Abram, Isaac and Jesus as a baby.

12:11-16 - I don't understand this selfish mindset. How could he watch his wife be taken by another man?

12:17-20 - In the end it has the opposite effect than desired. Now the Egyptians are angry at him.

13:3-4 - A symbolic lesson. He built an altar at Bethel and called on God. He left to go his own way, got caught in sin and then returned to God at Bethel. He didn't set out to return to God, but that's where he ended up. He returned mush richer materially, but poorer in his family I bet.

13:8-9 - Did Abram learn something from his time in Egypt? Now he puts Lot first, giving him dibs on where to settle.

13:10-13 - Lot chooses to flirt with sin. I sometimes think that my surroundings don't matter much, but look at what trouble it got Lot into. He wasn't looking for sin, per se, but he wasn't concerned about staying away from it either.

14:1-3 - World War Zero, 4 kings against 5.

14:13 - "Hebrew" - he lived in Hebron.

14:13-16 - Is this the same meek, selfish man who entered Egypt in fear and deceit?

14:18-20 - The first recorded priest. Without the law, I wonder what that meant. One thing's clear, there were other's who loved and worshiped God who are never mentioned in Genesis. Melchizedek came with gifts for Abram, but Abram gave to him.

God's Heart

Maybe I make to much of it, but God told Abram to go to the land He would show him. Abram went on from there to Egypt. God didn't rush to stop him, but let him go to learn about life. God had made him a promise, a big promise. He didn't reverse that promise, but in fact reaffirms it when Abram returns. God simply lets him go, putting the promise on hold until he returns. Does he know if he will or not?

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