01/11 Genesis 15-17

Genesis 15-17

15:4-6 - From doubt to being famous for his faith in 6 verses. Isn't this how we should be? We should be able to look at the seemingly impossible and then see God's promises and just believe.

15:8 - From doubt to faith to doubt again. THIS is more like how we are!

15:12-16 - Does God's knowledge of the future circumvent man's free will? (No one's asked that before) What about His sharing of it with Abram? Did it influence Abrams path in life?

15:17-21 - I want more insight into God's relationship with Abram. The scriptures start the story when they are already close. God makes amazing promises to Abram. What was it about him that led God to do that? One thing's clear it's a relationship of mutual respect. God even respects Abram's fears in "How will I know ..."

16:1-6 - Sarai's lack of faith and Abram's lack of backbone. I sometimes wonder if I have the strength to lead my wife in the times when her faith, character or convictions are weak. She's a strong woman, when she is determined to go down a path I see as wrong, do I have the strength and courage (and love, really) to stand my ground and force the issue? I must, for her sake and ours.

16:7-16 - God comes to the rescue of Hagar. She was only a servant, had little material things and few rights - on the run to boot. But God heard her, and when Sarai and Abram let her down, God does not. He comes to her aid, but not perhaps as we would. Instead he tells her that her blessings are dependant on her obedience to a strange command - go back to your oppressor.

17:15-16 - God did not change his mind, even in their unfaithfulness.

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