01/12 Genesis 18-19

Genesis 18-19

18:1-8 - What was it about them that told Abraham they were special visitors? How long did it take to slaughter and prepare a calf while they waited?

18:16-21 - Interesting, God talking to himself! Not unlike us, isn't he? Interesting string of comments: "He will be great and blessed because I have chosen him so that he will keep my ways and do right so I will do what I promised." God's promise is an incentive to Abraham to do the right thing.

18:20-21 - Who was crying out against Sodom and Gomorrah? Abraham seems ignorant and the people of the two cities don't seem to care, so who?

18:22-33 - Abraham searching out God's heart, even challenging him - "Far be it for you ...". How much does he care about the righteous? But his questioning is born of both curiosity and respect - "I am just dust and ashes" Why didn't he push it down to one? What if there were only one?

19:1-3 - Lot recognizes them immediately too. Was there no one else there or did they not recognize men from God?

19:4-11 - As a Dad of three girls I am appalled at Lot's offering up his girls to save his guests! I cannot understand it. Why would he do such a thing. Perhaps nearly as appalling is the men's refusal to take them in favor of trying to get to the guests! Surely this was a wicked town Begs the question as to why Lot would live there.

19:12-14 - I guess this answers the question about less than 10 righteous. Lot and his family were less then 10 (4) and God refused to spare the city. He did warn Lot, however, who even with his faults (living so close to sin, offering up his daughters as secks toys and permitting them to marry into this society) has the good sense to listen to the men.

19:15-17 - Well, not quite as much good sense as I thought! Look here though, God has mercy on him and drags him from a destruction that he did his best not to avoid. I can think of times when God has done something similar for me.

19:18-23 - After all that God sis to spare him, Lot asks to make it a little easier. Sounds like me too. "I know, God, that you sacrificed you son and all, but, being a disciple is hard ..."

19:24-29 - It was for Abraham's sake, not Lot's, that God went to such lengths to save him. What an impact a righteous man can have on the heart of God that God will extend unwarranted favor to members of his family.

19:31-38 - Didn't Lot wonder where the babies came from? No men around and they're pregnant? Looking at his character, sadly, he may not have cared.

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