01/13 Genesis 20-21

Genesis 20:1-18, 21:1-7,21:22-34,21:8-21

20:1-2 - He does it again! And the result is the same. "As a dog returns to his vomit..."

20:3-7 - God intercedes again when man drops the ball.

20:6 - There is no law yet, but it is accepted taht to take another man's wife is sin. Our conscience can be a guide of righteousness.

- I wonder, too, of Abimelech's relationship with God. There seems to be a familiarity here, but not like Abraham.

20:11 - Abraham assumes that these strangers don't fear God nad it get's him in trouble. Lesson there for us, don't you think?

20:13 - Twisted logic, Abraham!

20:17-18 - Why did God wait for Abrahams' word? Did he want to make sure Abraham felt good about it first? Surely, Abimelech's repentance seems clear.

21:27-30 - It's interestign that Abraham brings gifts, even though it was he who was wronged.

21:34 - Abimelech is the leader of the Philistinmes?!?

21:11-13 - God even blesses the 'iligitimate' son on accoutn of his love for Abraham. He says, don't worry, send them away, I'll take acare of them.

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