01/14 Genesis 22-23

Genesis 22 - 23

22:1 - How did God communicate with Abraham. Voices in his head? An appearance?

22:2 - I wonder why God did this. A test of his faith and love for God? I don't know of much like it in the Bible. I guess in some ways our daily discipleship is that kind of test, on a smaller level anyway. No, not really. Sacrificing your son goes against what God is about - love, compassion. It involves real trust to go against what you know God to be about. I guess that's real trust and love, isn't it? Knowing someone well enough to look past the obvious, surface things that contradict what you know to be true about them and just go along to see where they're headed. Think about Peter and the sheet from heaven. Goes against what he knows about God, but he trusts and follows along to see where God is going.

22:3 - No argument, discussion or debate.

22:3-5 - Three days! What must have gone through his mind over those days.

22:6-8 - Do you think that was the end of Isaac's questions? I know better from my own kids. But look at Abraham's absolute trust in God.

22:9-10 - What must Isaac have been thinking?

22:12 - God wanted to know that he wasn't second to anything.

22:16 - God says, "I swear to God ..." :-)

23:6 - He was well respected there. Pick anyplace and it's yours. What if he'd of picked my house, how would I have responded?

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