Luke 22:1-34

Luke 22:3-6 - I wonder, sometimes, what Satan was thinking. Did he think that God didn't know what was up? That he could pull an end run on Him? Doesn't make a lot of sense.

Luke 22:15 - This was not the first passover he had eaten with them, but this was the one he had eagerly desired to have.

Luke 22:19-20 - It's hard to read this passage and not hear a communion message or ritual. Growing up, it was the same every time and though we only took it quarterly (I think) I can still hear it in my mind. Today, we take communion each week and a different brother shares something every time. Still, this passage and the similar passages in the other gospels are shared a lot.

I want to, in some way, distance myself from those memories and put myself at the Passover table, having this traditional mean that I had over and over and hear Jesus reconfigure it for the new covenant. His words are too familiar to me, but to them they were radical and fresh. The Passover meal would have likely been too familiar, its meaning faded with use.

The Passover was about remembrance of the lambs that had given them safely. Jesus was now saying from here on out, I am the lamb that gives you safety. Remember me instead. What a bold statement to make. Thousands of years of God commanded tradition are now replaced by me.

Luke 22:24 - I can imagine, as they are trying to decide who was the betrayer, one would say "Well, it's not me, I'm his closest friend." Then another states, "You?! I'm the one he took to the mountain." and so on. Jesus gently redirects them. I need His patience. I would have blown up, and too often do with my kids. Just like the 12, they need constant and often immediate redirection, and it's frustrating. Even at this climactic hour, when they're still oblivious and time is running out, Jesus patiently instructs.

Luke 22:31-34 - I wonder how that effected Peter. He denied that he would turn his back, but Jesus knew better of course. Even as he did deny him, he forgot the Lord's prediction until that rooster crowed. Even in this dire prediction, Jesus gives hope and expresses faith in him. "But when you have turned again ..." he says. Words to cling to. Jesus wasn't' concerned about the denial and the betrayal. He'd come back.

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    Luke 22:1-34