Luke 24

Luke 24:1-3 - A grueling day watching the Lord beaten and crucified followed by a long, sad Sabbath waiting to go anoint his body, then they find the tomb empty. How dejected they must have felt. After all they'd been through to find that someone had messed with Him on the Sabbath day.

Luke 24:8-9 - The plain language that Luke sues here to describe this event completely bypasses the emotions that they must have felt. They saw the empty tomb, they were told he's alive, the went and told the eleven.

What was KNN (now Disciples Today) did a short file on the cross, unique in that it portrays the events through the eyes of Jesus. At the end of it, we see Mary (Magdalene I think) meet Jesus. She runs to the others, ecstatic. She runs with abandon, half falling forward, arms waving, screaming "HE'S ALIVE! HE'S ALIVE! HE'S ALIVE!" The scene captures the excitement they must have felt as the impossible reality of the resurrection became real. I remember chills going up my spine as I watched it and their joy became real to me.

Jesus had already transformed so much of their understanding of God, but this changed everything. The world would no longer be the same.

Luke 24:12 - "But Peter rose and ran ..." The others dismissed it as "an idle tale", but Peter ran. I wonder if the memory of his denial still stung and he ran, hoping against hope that what they said was true and he could make things right with he friend and Lord.

Luke 24:13-35 - This is the story of a slow realization, like the turning of a mighty ship. They were still on the same course they had been on, even though they knew that something was going on. They seemed to understand that the empty tomb meant something, but they didn't know what, so they carried on. Jesus gives them a scriptural dope slap, but it isn't until he is revealed to them that they turn course, literally, and return to Jerusalem.

It will take a few more of these meetings with the risen Jesus to complete their transformation so that they can then transform the world.

Luke 24:36-49 - He asks them to touch him, he eats in their presence to prove without a doubt that he was real and was there. And he tells them, listen, this is exactly what I was talking about all the time. It wasn't a fluke, he wasn't making the best of it, it was how it had to go. he knew it would and had told them so. And just wait, it gets better.

Luke 24:50-53 - The stage is set. Finally, they are ready. Now they understand. Soon, the world will be changed.

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    Luke 24
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