Mark 12 - Tenants, Taxes, Greatest Commandment

Mark 12:1-12 - As I read this, I can't help but think of this blog. I guess it's been on my mind lately, as the days go by and there isn't anything new. I spend plenty of time online and most of that on blog. But I'm a consumer, not a producer. Isn't that the problem here was? The tenants were consuming themselves instead of producing for others. And when others come, they get nothing.

I started blogging to share my perspective, but, as I've lamented recently, I spend too much time taking in what others write and not enough sharing what I've learned. These tenants kept the fruit for themselves, and no one else benefited from it.

More over, I ought to think of my life. If God came today, or sent His servant, and asked for some of the fruit, where would it be? What have I produced from what's been provided to me?

It matters little to realise that this parable is about me if I do nothing different after today. Those who heard Jesus came to the same realization. Their response was to look to kill the messenger. What is mine?

Mark 12:25 - No marriage in Heaven? My marriage has been the blessing of my life, and marriage has been the cornerstone of many societies. It's hard to imagine this world without it. It makes reproduction possible (at least Godly reproduction). It forms the core of family which provides the foundation for rearing our young. Yet in Heaven, it will be no more.

I have to admit, there are things like this that make me wonder about heaven. I mean, I trust God when He tells us it's an awesome place and the whole no more crying or pain is a definite selling point, but no marriage? Hmmm.

Mark 12:30-31 - Love. Nothing trumps love. Simple, right? Then why is that so easy to forget?

Mark 12:41-44 - I like this pictuer of Jesus, sitting off to the side, jsut watching the people. I picture him grabbing Peter's arm or tuggin on John's tunic saying "Look, look, look, look ... right there. Did you see that poor woman?" Oh, that I'd have the simple faith to make Jesus pull the apostles to Him to point it out.

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