Mark 13 - Signs

Mark 13:1-2 - I can see myself with Jesus, impressed by the local architecture, especially if I hadn't been there before. Cool, check that out! I'd be bummed when Jesus threw cold water on my observations. :-D

Mark 13:5 - Jesus is asked about the future, when the end will come. He begins His response with "See that no one leads you astray." Yet, even knowing that Jesus told us it will be a surprise, that we don't know the time, that even He didn't know the time, folks try to figure it out. They read into the tings happening in the middle east, they study OT prophesies and Revelation to determine what is to come and when. They even make predictions. Why, when Jesus was so clear? I think He's rather us be concerned with living day to day as he did than trying to discern what is to come.

Mark 13:9-13 - They ask about the future of Jerusalem, perhaps the future of the world, and instead Jesus tells them of their future. The future of Jerusalem is scary enough - no stone left on top of another - but their personal future is scarier. Beatings, divided families, hatred and death.

Mark 13:14 - After "But when you see the abomination of desolation standing where he ought not to be" Jesus, or actually it was Mark, says 'let the reader understand'. I would love to be able to understand that sentence. I guess, since I'm not in Judea (they were the ones told to flee when that happened), I don't really need to know. :-D

Mark 13:14-23 - I wonder, is this referring to a time already past, or a time yet to come. I know, million dollar question that everyone wants to know. It's scary stuff, and it would be nice to know if it has already passed. I guess Jesus' admonition in verse 23 is the important bit - "be on guard." We need to always be ready to be tested. Always.

Mark 13:32-36 - Just in case we didn't get it, he repeats it, and elaborates on it. That's the challenge for us, especially here in the comfy west where our faith isn't challenged, at least not physically. We are free. But the culture digs at our faith all day long. We must be vigilant, we must, as Jesus says, 'stay awake' spiritually. I'm afraid that all to many in America who claim his name are sleeping. It scares me too that I might be asleep and not even know it.

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