"You're Sitting on a Chair, In The Sky"

Very, very funny and very true. We had rotary phones tethered to the wall through High School. Phone numbers with 0's and 9's drove me nuts. Oh, and try to win a radio contest. The 10th caller was already in before you finished dialing.

Via Jared

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LOL!! ha ha!!.. Seriously I too am guilty of getting frustrated with my slow internet connection. It takes maybe 3 seconds to send an email or maybe 15 seconds before I can watch streaming video. I get used to the comforts of 21st century living so easily, its really shameful.

Very funny.. not that I will be any more tolerant when things are slow :)

OK, I reworked the comment form, let's see if things are better ...

That's pretty funny and I agree with him in many ways.

I remember with our rotary phone you could dial your own number and hang up and it would ring. We had fun with that but mom didn't. LOL

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