Romans 13 - Submission, Love and Light

Romans 13:1 - I wonder how scandalous these words were to the church in Rome, especially as they remembered them as the Roman government ramped up it's persecutions of the Christians? Submit to those who had no regard for them or their rights? The Jews among them must have also bristled at submission to what they say as an invading power.

Romans 13:7 - This was the theme of our annual Hero Service last Sunday (specifcally the 'respect' and 'honor' phrases) where we make a special effort to invite those who serve our community - teachers, police, firemen, health care workers. We had a great crowd and Jesus was preached. I'm looking forward to hearing reactions this Wednesday.

Romans 13:8-10 - Love fulfills the law. To love completely and perfectly is a tall order, and as Paul states in verse 8, the debt to love is never fulfilled. We can always grow in love and find new ways of showing it.

Romans 13:11-14 - Considering the previous chapters of Romans, i read this section in a different light. Paul is not urging them to good moral behavior, but reminding them yet again that, because they have been connected with Jesus' death and resurrection, they live not in the darkness that surrounds them, but in the light of God. So act like it.

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