Five for Friday

First Call - God is GoodAn "Occasional Series" here at Inspired by Daniel at Alien Soil, I fire up Media Player on random and post the first 5 songs here.

I'm going to try something different this time. I'm going to head over to after I post this and blip each track so you can listen. Head to my profile to have a listen. I'll tag them #five4friday too. If it works OK, I'll keep doing it when i post a FfF.

  1. First Call - Parable of the River from God is Good
    This is my favorite First Call song. It's got an 80's rock/pop feel to it (1989 actually) mixed with the passion of an old school gospel. Great song.
  2. REO Speedwagon - Ridin' the Storm Out from The Hits
    I love 70's rock and this is an awesome live version of a great REO tune.
  3. Heart - Magic Man from These Dreams: Heart's Greatest Hits
    More classic 70's rock and another great tune. The 70's were awful for cars, but pretty good for music.
  4. Solomon Burke - Fading Footsteps from Make Do With What You Got
    I got turned onto Solomon Burke, I think, by listening to WCBEs Blue Collar blues show on Sunday nights. Blue Collar has been in reruns for months, unfortunately. Not a bad track, but not the best on the disc.
  5. Casting Crowns - Shadow of Your Wings from Until the Whole World Hears
    My enthusiasm for Casting Crowns has faded, too much airplay on the local station. But this is a good, harder driving track than their normal stuff. Pretty good, if you're turned of by the mainstream pop nature of CC, give this a listen.

Your turn, fire up your MP3 player, put it on random and give me yours in the comments.

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