Five for Friday

pomplamouse - tribute to famous peopleAn "Occasional Series" here at Inspired by Daniel at Alien Soil, I fire up Media Player on random and post the first 5 songs here.

Want to listen? Head over to my profile and look for the songs tagged #five4friday.

  1. Pomplamoose - Mrs Robinson from Tribute to Famous People
    Pomplamoose is a fun band. I love her voice (I think the harmonies are all her too). I'm pretty sure Bill at Thinklngs turned me on to them. A fun version of a Simon & Garfunkel classic (This is from a covers disk.) This is available as a free downloaded from their MySpace page.
  2. Big Brother and the Holding Company - Piece of My Heart from Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits
    It's Janis Joplin singing perhaps her most famous song. What more needs to be said? Awesome stuff.
  3. Sting - Fragile from Nothing Like the Sun
    I like this Sting album, a departure from his Police years. This is an light, airy song.
  4. Huffamoose - Mary from WCBE Vol. 2 - Where are my Headphones?
    Huh, two 'amoose' bands. :-D Not the best song from the WCBE disks, pretty bleh. Even the singer seems kinda bored.
  5. Kelly Clarkson - Gone from Breakaway
    I tend to like Kelly Clarkson (am I loosing man points admitting that?), but I'd never heard this one. My wife bought the CD, this must be one of the 'other' tracks that didn't get airplay. Not a bad song though.

Your turn, fire up your MP3 player, put it on random and give me yours in the comments.

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