Joshua 5 - Circumcision, Passover

Joshua 5:1 - Not only was the crossing of the Jordan on dry ground a sign to the people of God being with Joshua and with them, it was a sign to the people of the land that this was no ordinary army coming, this was an army backed by the Lord.

Joshua 5:2 - Flint knives! I mean, this procedure sounds highly unpleasant with a nice sharp scalpel, but a flint knife made in the wilderness? Ouch.

Joshua 5:4-7 - A little insight as to why the generation before wandered and died out without going into the promised land. Their hearts were not committed to God and they saw no value in following Him, this is seen in that they failed to consecrate their sons by circumcising them.

Joshua 5:9 - Note that although God had led them out, it wasn't until this point, when they were circumcised, that God removed the reproach from Egypt. God's commitment to them was not dependent on their actions, but he responded to their obedience and commitment to Him.

Joshua 5:12 - The manna from God had continued for the 40 some years since they left Egypt and ceased once they were able to eat from the land they were promised. God provided, and continued to provide, throughout the time when the people had abandoned Him. He did not withhold His commitment nor leave them on their own, even though they had left Him in their hearts. What does this say about our God? We can trust Him to deliver, that His love and His commitment are not contingent on anything we can do. He is trustworthy, both implicitly and by example after example after example. As Romans 8 says, "If God is for us, who can be against us?"

Joshua 5:13-14 - Those under the command of God have no allegiance to any man, no sentimentality. They have only one alliance, that is to God. God help those who get in the way of an angel or commander of the Lord's army as he goes about the business of God.

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