Joshua 8 - God's Wrath

Joshua 8:1-2 - Now the Lord is sending them. The irony here, considering what happened to Achan, is that this time God gives them the plunder. The Lord will provide, in His time, we need only trust and wait.

Joshua 8:24-29 - While there is victory here for Israel, the fact is that 12,000 inhabitants of Ai perished. Sometimes it's hard to understand what God was doing. I understand that these people stood against God and his ways and that God had decided to grant Israel favor, but it's still hard to swallow.

These were the days of 'God's people' and 'everyone else', Jews and Gentiles, although it wouldn't be described that way for many years.The same is true today, of course, but then it was separated by the nations. Today, God's people are everywhere in every nation, transcending borders and race. At that time, God was demonstrating who he was by His relationship with Israel and the favor they enjoyed. Today, that favor is on the church and His greatness is shown there and is available to all. He was also demonstrating his wrath against sin through his judgment on the peoples of Canaan, lets we forget that we serve not only a God of mercy but a God of judgment.

Anyone who says a loving God would surely not send people to Hell has either not read Joshua or doesn't believe it.

Joshua 8:30-35 - An acknowledgment of why they enjoy the victories they do, it is not of themselves, it is of the Lord.

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> ... or doesn't believe it.

Amen. Well said.

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