Joshua 9 - Saved Through Deceit

Joshua 9:1-3 - Most of the Kings of the region figure that perhaps they can stand up to Israel if the band together. But Gibeon instead hatches a bold and deceitful plan to make a treaty with Isreal. The implication is that either they did not get along with those nations or they knew that any plan that stands against the Lord is doomed to fail and figured this was their only hope. It would prove to be wise.

Joshua 9:14 - "but did not ask counsel from the Lord" I want to say, "Didn't they learn anything from Ai?", but then how many times do I rely on my own wisdom in important issues instead of counseling with the Lord? Many times and it's bitten my more than once.

Joshua 9:16-21 - Once the lie was discovered,it would have been easy to revoke their promise to the Gibeons and destroy them and their towns. After all, God did command Israel to destroy all the towns, so letting them live would be to disobey God. However, they had given their word and to go back on it would also have been to go against God. The leaders took the courageous step of standing by their word even when it seemed to go against God and the people were displeased with their decision.

Joshua 9:24 - So, it was out of the fear of the Lord that they pursued this deceitful plan, they knew they could not stand against God. But, they were humble before Joshua. They made no demands, only said"Whatever seems good and right in your sight to do to us, do it." And their fear of God ultimately saved them, although they were saved to a life of servant hood.

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