04/06 - Numbers 16-18

Numbers 16-18

Num. 16:20-22 - This is real Love and leadership. They stood between God and the object of His wrath on behalf of the innocent, and God honored it.

Num. 16:27-35 - The thought of this makes me sick, the children and 'little ones' swallowed up because of their father's sins. Part of me wants to demand of God, "Why? They did nothing, yet they suffered." But isn't it true that our actions as parents have profound impacts on our children? What if these men, standing there in their pride watching Moses speak, had fallen face down in humility and begged God's forgiveness? We can only speculate, but I believe that God would have answered. There is no record that I can recall of God smiting a man begging for forgiveness. Yes, the children were innocent, but the parents were not. They acted in opposition to God and the kids paid for it. How many kids suffer from the same disobedience today, through abuse and neglect? We can all shake our heads at abuse, but, truth be told, the neglect is a little closer to home than we'd like to imagine. I send the kids upstairs or outside to play because I don't want to deal with them today, I try to ignore the obvious sounds of fighting or discontent in the other room, I let obvious acts of defiance or disobedience slide because I'm tired, and more. Minor compared with what some kids deal with, but a form of neglect nonetheless. I cannot take this responsibility lightly. They are Gods' children, helpless and innocent, and I cannot fall asleep at the switch. (Coincidently, Virusdoc wrote on this subject just the other day. Check it out.)

Num. 16:41-45 - Boy, these people aren't real bright or they have short memories. Isn't this what pride will do to you, blind you to that which is painfully obvious to those outside of your pride. And again, Moses and Aaron stand up for the people. I think at some point, perhaps even before this, I would have just stood back and let God at 'em. After all, if they're that determined to get roasted, why should I stand in the way? Moses has a better heart than I.

Num. 17:12-13 - Look at the contrast between Moses and Aaron and the people. They are calm and in control, the people are in a panic. Why? I think it may be because Moses and Aaron got their strength and confidence from God, not themselves. The people relied upon their own wisdom and ability and it led them to some stupid stuff. Challenging Moses and Aaron's authority twice. And Now that they see the limits of their wisdom, they are frightened. They haven't gotten yet that to be secure and confident means surrendering all control to The One higher than your self.

Num. 18 - Throughout this chapter, God says that he is making Aaron and the Levites responsible for the temple and the sacrifices so that the Israelites will not die. The clear picture to me are that it is an awesome responsibility and honor to go before the Lord and to deal with Him. To protect the general population, God sets aside specific men who are trained to know the honor and responsibility they bear. But in our day, that position of honor i gone and we deal directly with God under the new covenant. How Holy should we treat that relationship? How special should it be? If in the OT day, there were priests and Levites to protect the ignorant from dying from their disrespect to God, how much respect should we come to Him with?

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