04/22 - Numbers 22 - 24

Numbers 22 -24

Num. 22:28-30 - I somehow doubt that I coul still be angry with the animal after it spoke to me! I would be too shocked, amazed and frightened to rebuke it. I love what the donkey says, "Have I been in the habit of doing this to you?" Think about it, is this like me? Perhaps there's something else to consider.

Num. 22:31-33 - After he stopped to consider the facts, the Lord opens his eyes. Or perhaps it wasn't his consideration at all that made the Lord do it. Perhaps he just wanted to figuratively slap Balaam in the face with a reality that he hadn't considered prior to revealing the angel. And now he also learns that the donkey he's been to angry at has spared his life. How often are we angry at someone only to realize later that their infuiating actions were meant for our good?

Num. 24:1-9 - I've read of the many times Israel has forgotten God and disobeyed Him, to the point that He wanted to destroy them. Yet here, after all that, is this.

"How beautiful are your tents , O Jacob,
your dwelling places O Israel!"

After I sin, it is comforting to see how God still looks over Isreal after the stories of sin and anger. He still loves them greatly, in spite of it all.

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