04/17 - Numbers 20, 21, 33:1-49

Boy, it's been too long (10 days!) since I got into my Bible.

Numbers 20, Numbers 21, Numbers 33:1-49

Num. 20:10-13 - I have heard it taught from this passage the importance of complete obedience. Certainly, when it comes to God that is important, but is that the main point here? Moses was clearly angry with the people, calling them 'rebels'. Did he strike the rock in anger? And why did he strike it when God clearly said to speak to it? Is it because of Ex. 17 where in a very similar situation, God said to strike the rock? Maybe Moses was just not paying attention closely to God's instructions. Any scenario I come up with finds Moses being disrespectful to God and not loving toward the people. Also, God points out that his actions, his disrespect, was done 'in the sight of the people.' He was God's appointed leader and would be looked to as an example of how to live and how to act towards God.

What ever the reason, it costs Moses hie right to enter the promised land.

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