06/28 - Gospels - Birth of Jesus and John the Baptist

Luke 1:5-80. Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 2:1-28

Luke 1:15 - Filled with the Holy Spirit from birth. As apposed to ...? I wonder what the wisdom of the day was regarding the Holy Spirit. We now have the Bible that teaches that we recieve the Holy Spirit when we are saved, but what did they think about that then?

Luke 1:17 - Turn the fathers to their children. I never noticed that before. I would have assumed the opposite, turn the children to their fathers. Perhaps it signifies a return to proper priorities?

Luke 2:25-27 - More on the Holy Spirit. This man was filled with it and it revealed things to him. This is the same spirit we posess today. What is it trying to do through me that I'm not aware of? I need to be more in tune with it's desires and attempts to reveal things to me. Not that I expect to have visions like this man, but I bet I'm not in touch with it like I should be.

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