More Gospels - Hypocrisy

Luke 11:37-54, Luke 12, Luke 13:1-17

Luke 11:39-41 – This time through the gospels I am struck by how much Jesus emphasizes the inner verses the outer, more specifically our heart verses our outward obedience. I, of course, knew that this was our Lord's message, but lately I've become increasingly aware of how quickly and easily we slide into relying on our own actions and rule following for our sense of righteousness. More so, we look at other's lives and evaluate them by their outward actions. We fail to take a true measure of them, at heart level, which requires infinitely more work than summing them up by some outward checklist or standard of behavior.

Luke 12:13-15, 13:1-5 – Jesus always takes a situation directed at others and turns it back on the questioner. "What about so-and-so who did such-and-such?" "Nevermind them, I tell you that unless youstop doing such-and-such you will perish."

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