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Matthew 8:5-13, 11:2-19, 12:22-50, Mark 3:20-35, Luke 7:1-50, 8:1-3, 8:19-21, 11:14-36

Matthew 8:8-13 - He understood Jesus' authority, obviously more than most because of Jesus' reaction. But think about this. He didn't even meet Jesus and his request is granted. Do I have such faith? Am I willing to take Jesus at His word like this? I think about all my wrestling of the last year or so and I'm not sure. I feel that I am constantly looking fro proof, for evidence.

Luke 7:19 – But even John had his moments f doubt, looking for reassurance.

Matthew 11:15 & Luke 7:29-30 – This is the constant challenge, to have ears that hear. And in Luke we see the consequences of not doing so. The Pharisees refused to give up their preconceived notions and see the truth.

Luke 7:49 – This type of forgiveness, at a man's command I suppose, was foreign to them. I don't think that it was the idea of forgiveness, but the idea that it could be granted in this way.

Matthew 12:33-37, Luke 7:35 – Jesus in his ministry constantly was concerned with the heart. But it's in scriptures like these that he ties our actions to our heart.

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