Matthew 8:18-34, 9:18-34, 13:53-58, Mark 4:35-41, 5:1-43, 6:1-6, Luke 8:22-56, 9:57-62

Matthew 8:18-20, Luke 9:57-62 - These passages always troubled me. I know the traditional explanations of what Jesus likely meant and the explanations of what these men likely meant but it seems a little presumptuous. There's just not much to go on here as to why Jesus would deny someone saying goodbye or burying a relative. There obviously must be more to the story and I long to know what it really is, not speculation of what it is.

Mark 4:36 - 'just as he was' What does this mean?

Matthew 9:30-31 - Why did Jesus tell some not to talk about their healing while others (Mark 5:19) he tells to go and tell what God has done for you?

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