Sending them out, Death of John the Baptist

Matthew 9:35-38, 10:1-42, 11:1, 14:1-13, Mark 6:6-33, Luke 9:1-11, John 6:1

Matthew 10:16-18 – After all the good things they would be doing (Matthew 10:7); Jesus still needed to warn them. You would think that by spreading all this love they would be loved and would be safe. Not so, we humans can look love and compassion right in the eye and not recognize it and even despise it.

Jesus knows that these things may happen, so he informs them, cautions them, but then he encourages them to get some perspective in Matthew 10:26-31.

Matthew 10:34-39 – If Jesus' message was so controversial, causing division among family members, why shouldn't my message be controversial at times? I hate to have people upset with me, but for the gospel I should not be ashamed of such a thing. But I have seen in my own life how easy it is to use this as an excuse when people don't like me. "Well, they hated Jesus too." They hated Jesus because of his righteousness, is that why folks are angry with me? Os is it because of my sin against them?

Mark 6:17-19 – Is this the kind of man that I am, willing to confront sin? Or am I too afraid of men? It cost john his life (and Jesus too, ultimately) and it will likely will cost me too, but am afraid of men, especially men who have some power over me. It takes wisdom and discernment to tell when to challenge an when not too. I too often, however, err on the side of caution.

Mark 6:24-28 – What kind of woman's heart is so hard that she would send her own daughter to request someone's death? Not only that, but literally ask for his head! And what kind of man would indulge such a request? What kind of guests could they be if the peer pressure to not go back on his word forced him into such an act?

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