A Tour of Galilee

It's been far too long since I sat down with a Bible just to read. I've been struggling to find the inspiration, battling between the desire to schedule and set goals and frankly just not wanting to. I got a call last night, however, from a new friend (we had met briefly when he was here in Columbus for a visit.) Jay, husband of Amy who comments here occasionally, wanted to talk to me. He just wanted us to share about our experiences in the ICOC, each of us having been members for about 18 or 19 years. We talked for about a hour and a half about everything surrounding the recent upheaval and revelations in our churches and what they've meant to us personally. I was struck by how easily and quickly Jay was able to cite scripture. He asked about my Bible reading and I confessed that I found it hard to get motivated read. He too confessed that he'd rather read other stuff than the Bible, but he forces himself too because "I love to hear God talk to me." That statement struck a chord with me and helped me find new motivation to get into my Bible and look for the messages that God has for me. I too want to hear God talk to me. Thanks Jay.

Matthew 15:21-39, 16:1-12; Mark 7:24-37, 8:1-26

Mark 7:36-37, Matthew 15:29-31 - The people were amazed at what Jesus was doing but hey should have been amazed at his heart. Needy, helpless and hopeless people constantly came to Him and he never snapped at them or turned them away. I get cranky when my three kids get wound up. And the people's response is to bring more, piling on the needs for Him to fill. And He does. And they praised God. The message? Meet people's needs and they'll come back for more. Keep it up and you'll show them God.

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