Galilee to Judea

Matthew 11:20-30, 19:1-2, Mark 10:1, Luke 9:51-56, 17:11-19, 10:1-42, 11:1-13

Luke 9:51 - He resolutely set out.

Luke 9:52-56 - What gave James an John the idea that they could do this, that they has the power? These couple of sentences hide a lot more to the story that I'd love to learn.

Luke 17:11-19 - What drew them to Jesus as He approached? What made them immediately call Him master? Was it simply a term of respect, or was it like a slave speaking to his owner?

There is much debate on the 9 who did not return. Did their leprosy return? Some may say that Jesus' words to th thankful Samaritan would imply that, but I doubt it. It would not be consistent with Jesus character to punish those others for not obeying a command He did not give them. He is not s punitive, letter of the law kind of guy. Those 9 had faith, obeyed and were cleansed as well.

Luke 10:16 - A prideful man interprets this verse to give more power and credit to himself that he deserves. He looks down on those who disagrees with him, thinking that means they reject Jesus too.

Luke 10:20 - Why don't I rejoice more often that my name is written in heaven? I wish I could be more content with that.

Luke 10:21-24 - I wonder what to make of this verse in terms of predestination. Certainly a plain reading of the text would indicate that it is God who chooses some to understand and others not to. But in my life I seem to have made decisions to look and to see. I know that in the past year or so I have asked God to help me see what he sees. But although I felt that I had initiated it, I had the distinct feeling that God had opened my eyes. Certainly the things revealed were there all the time, but I did not see until God allowed me too. But God did not reveal it until I asked. Perhaps there's something there for me to learn, perhaps not. Perhaps I'm hallucinating. :-)

Luke 11:28-30 - I certainly have felt 'weary and burdened' lately, but I've felt it was because of taking on Jesus' yoke. Hmm. Perhaps I've got something else to learn from Jesus. He spoke for the lost sheep and those neglected by the world, but he was not burdened by it. He did not battle the leaders nor get depressed when they didn't listen to him. He simply went about doing God's will, regardless of what people thought.

Luke 11:9-10 - I think that this is one of the most profound promises of God. Not to get material things, but to get understanding, wisdom and to see and find God.

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