Betrayal and Arrest

Matthew 26:36-75, 27:1, 3-10; Mark 14:32-39, 43-72, 15:1; Luke 22:40-71; John 18:1-24, 26-27

Luke 22:44 - His anguish drove him to the father in prayer. I used to do that more and I need to return to this habit. When my heart aches or is heavy, prayer is the answer.

Matthew 26:43-46 - I wonder if the disciples felt guilty for sleeping and allowing Judas to sneak in to betray Jesus. Certainly later they would understand the fulfillment of prophecy, but at that moment did they think "If only I had stayed awake, this wouldn't have happened!"

John 18:2 - Jesus made no attempt to hide, he went to pray in a familiar place. He could have went somewhere new, harder to locate, but he chose someplace familiar instead. He wanted to be found.

This passage is a great example of what I like about the chronological Bible. It puts the details of Jesus' arrest, scattered through the gospels, together in one story. Check out sort of how it reads here. Biblegateway puts the footnotes and the NIV logo after every passage, which makes it a little harder to read.

Luke 22:60-62 - This is a haunting passage. Can you imagine the eternal length of that glance from Jesus? Can you imagine the emotions they both were feeling? It's gut wrenching to think about for me.

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