The Triumphant Entry

Matthew 21:1-19, Mark 11:1-19, Luke 19:29-48, John 12:12-36

Luke 19:28-35 - I've always been amazed at this scripture. If someone you didn't know came up and asked for something of yours - your car, bike, scooter - saying "The Lord needs it.", would you just let them have it? I can say that I wouldn't. Perhaps in the context of the hoopla of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem it would make more sense. I've always thought of this happening away from all that, well up ahead. It does say "go to the village ahead of you"

Luke 19:39 - Did these Pharisees rebuke their disciples when they were praised?

Luke 19:40-42 - Though the people are rejoicing at his coming, they don't understand the significance of it. But the creation does, and if man could not rejoice at Jesus coming to achieve what had been foretold, the rocks and trees would. This is most significant event of history, He's finally here to bring peace to the war between God and man. And God would sacrifice Himself in the name of providing man peace.

Mark 11:15-17 - He had seen it the day before, but decided not to deal with it then because it was late (Mark 11:11). But he did not just let it slide, he returned to deal with this desecration of the temple.

Matthew 21:14-16 - Boy, the Pharisees have got their short in a bind over this, don't they? (Mark 11:18 and John 12:19 too) They were so concerned about doing things right, following the letter of the law, that they missed the Messiah. It's quite easy to get caught up in that. I see people that look just like these Pharisees; angry, offended at doctrinal 'mistakes', consumed with doing things right, going to great lengths to deal with those who are 'wrong', but missing Jesus.

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