Romans 8

Romans 8:3-5 - We "who walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit." Remembering the context of Romans 1-7, and my recent study of repentance (metanoia) I see this in a new light. It is not an oppressive command or expectation, to do all the right things, but is a new mindset, a new outlook, a new & very different way of looking at life. Living not in the way of the flesh, or the world, but in God's way, the way of the spirit. In that way, as it says in Romans 8:1, "there is no condemnation". That's the opposite of the traditional view, or at least, my traditional view, of this passage (and others like it). In that view, living the right way, full obedience, is evidence of being in the spirit. If you were in the spirit you wouldn't do that,brother. It's a twisting of Paul's admonition to the Romans to live as f they understood the glorious truth of how separate (holy) they are from the world around them. Not a command to do the right thing, but an observation that your life tells me that you don't really understand what you are a part of.

Romans 8:12 - I like the ESV translation here. In the NIV it says we have an "obligation", in the ESV it says "we are debtors". An obligation sounds oppressive and demanding, where to be indebted to someone means you have received something of great value from them. Seems to describe the situation between us and God better.

Romans 8:18 - What would you endure for $100,000,000? Think about Survivor or Fear Factor. These people endure pretty amazing things for money. How much more should we face spiritual challenges in the face of what has been promised us - eternity with God? When you think of it, it seems so silly to compare them. This is why complaining is of no value.

Romans 8:23 - I have felt this at times, a longing to be done fighting against the onslaught of the world.

Romans 8:34 - I love this verse! Didn't Jesus say that it would be His words that would judge in the last day. You could say that Jesus, although not directly but indirectly, is him who condemns. Paul is saying here, who would condemn us? Oh, that would be Jesus who's job it is to condemn, through His word, and He's on our side!

Romans 8:37-39 - What a list! I wonder, do I really understand how close I am to God? Nothing can separate me from His love. Not my sin or anything. I sometimes 'feel' that He is distant, but nothing can separate me from His love. What will it take fro that to sink in for me? I guess I shouldn't feel too bad, Paul had to drive this point home for the Romans too.

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