[QT's with Jessica] - John 6:25-40

My Summer time Bible Readings with 11 year old Jessica. I think this was one of our best conversations to date.

John 6:25-40

J - Why did they follow him across the lake?

What did Jesus say about that, do you remember?

J - He said it wasn't because they saw a miraculous sign, but because they ate the loaves until they were full.

Do you understand that?

J - Not really

I would think they were following to see more miracles, but Jesus says they weren't.

J - How does Jesus know.

Jesus can see into their hearts.

J - Also God knows what you are thinking all the time

And Jesus is God. I'm not sure he was able to read minds like we think about, but that's possible. What I think is that he knows people and can tell why they are doing things.

So what does that mean that they were following him because they had a good meal?

J - I think that it was because of the miraculous sign they knew he was the son of God and wanted to be his disciples.

But Jesus said that they weren't following him because of the miracles.

J - But only the son of god could do that miracle so they knew he was the son of God because of it and followed him.

Well, if you look at what Jesus said, he says they followed because they were full. I think Jesus is saying that they were following him because he did something for them and they wanted him to do it again.

J - Wouldn't that be like doing a miraculous sign?

It was, but it doesn't say that they knew he was the son of God because of it. It says they followed because they ate and were full. I think what you said is a good idea or theory, but the words in the Bible don't match the theory.

Look at John 6:30-31. They ask Jesus to do a miracle and talk about the miraculous manna with Moses. They ask about a miracle with food when they just saw one.

J - How long did the crowd follow Jesus?

I'm not sure, we haven't read to where they aren't following any more.

Jesus talks a lot about bread here doesn't he, and the people respond. Do you think that Jesus and the people are talking about the same bread?

J - No. I don't know what kind of bread Jesus would be talking about.

Jesus said the bread from heaven (John 6:33) is the one who came down. Who came down from heaven?

J - Jesus. So he is the bread that he's talking about.

Right. Look in John 6:35, he says it plainly. Then in John 6:36 he says that they don't believe even though they have seen him.

So Jesus is talking about spiritual things - believing in him and following him - but they are still thinking about physical things - when is lunch. Jesus does that a lot. Remember the woman at they well and his disciples?

J - They wondered about bead, and that's not what he was talking about

He was talking about 'spiritual' bread.

Jesus cares about physical things, he did feed them, but he wants us to think more spiritually.

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